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Uninsured & Third Party Services

Doctor Checking a Form

The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan pays for many health services that Albertans receive, but there are some services that are not insured. Because these services require the time and expertise of your doctor and their staff, you or a third party (such as your employer, insurance company, or school) will be billed a fee to cover these costs.

Your doctor will discuss any fee with you before providing an uninsured service. Payment will be expected when you receive the service. To make other payment arrangements, please speak with your doctor.

The following services are examples of some, but not all, uninsured services:

  • Doctor's Notes/Letters

  • Missed Appointments/No Shows

  • Driver's Medical Exam (all ages, including seniors)

  • Attending Physician Statement for Insurance

  • Parking Placards

  • Disability Forms for Insurance & Tax Benefits

  • Insurance/Employment/School Forms

  • Injections (except seasonal influenza, pneumonia, allergy injections, and some prescription injections)

  • Travel Advice & Immunizations

  • Non-Insured Patients (Canadian)

  • Non-Insured Patients (Out-of-Country)

  • Pre-Operative Medical Forms (for dental/uninsured/cosmetic services)

  • Transfer of Medical Records

  • Cosmetic Removal of Skin Lesions (Surgical & Non-Surgical, including Cryotherapy/Liquid Nitrogen)

  • Patient Request for Prescription Renewals over Telephone/Fax

If you are unsure whether a service is covered, please ask your doctor or the staff.

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