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Prenatal Care

Doctor Examining a Pregnant Woman

At WPMC, we understand the importance of comprehensive prenatal care and supports for patients and their families. 

Our family physicians provide routine prenatal care to their patients until 28 weeks, after which they will be referred to an OBGYN or family physician who practices obstetrics (depending on patient preference and/or medical complexity).

WPMC is also fortunate to have Dr. Lilah Rossi with us, a family physician who practices obstetrics with the Edmonton West PCN's Low-Risk Maternity Clinic. If you are a current patient of WPMC, you can ask your family physician to refer you to Dr. Rossi for prenatal care. Your prenatal appointments will take place right here in our clinic, and you will deliver your baby at the Misericordia Community Hospital. If you are not a patient of the clinic but are seeking prenatal care, please call us to book an appointment with Dr. Rossi.

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